Physical Therapy For Stroke Patients Living At Home Near Me

There is a lot of information about stroke recovery out there and it can be overwhelming, time-consuming, and boring to collect.
So we did all the rally for you🙂

5 Stroke Treatment Options You Can Do At Home

1. Try mirror treatment to recover the hand
Mirror therapy is a large form of precision motor therapy that involves using a table mirror to cover your injured arm with a good arm reflection during desk rehabilitation exercises.

Mirror image 'tricks' your mind to believe that your damaged arm is moving like your unaffected arm.

Although you know logically that you're moving with just one hand, your brain thinks you're moving both hands. This helps to stimulate neuroplasticity and improve your fine motor skills.

Mirror therapy is particularly good for stroke survivors who suffer from severe weakness in micromotors, too.

2. Use mental practice to enhance results
Physiotherapy for stroke patients

Mental practice is exactly what it looks like: practicing mentally is something.

So, whatever you want to get better at, try practicing mentally on it. For example, if you want to improve movement in your legs, then start practicing mentally leg exercises.

Studies have shown that visualizing yourself moving helps to activate neuroplasticity in the same way that you actually don't move!

And if you combine mental and physical exercise together, then you'll see better results.

So, no matter what treatment form you choose, the obligation to spend time each day to visualize yourself moving better.

3. Treat Spasticity the Smart Way

Spasticity is a common stroke side effect that deters many stroke survivors from pursuing recovery at home. Don’t let misinformation fool you.

Even though spasticity makes it tough to move your muscles, movement helps reverse spasticity! By rewiring your brain with rehab exercise, the spasticity will slowly go away.

Even if your muscles are paralyzed with spasticity, you can regain movement through passive exercise, which helps rewire the brain.

4. Don't forget home rehabilitation tools

Home therapy tools can help you see results faster during stroke rehabilitation at home – especially if they can motivate you to complete a large number of repetitions.

Because the more i complete you, the better.

Start looking for effective home exercise equipment to recover a stroke. If you can find a tool that stimulates high repetition, such as Vitomi, it can help you improve home mobility faster.

5. Turn off background noise to turn on the brain

Our house can be distracting, and sometimes we don't even notice distractions because we have conditioned ourselves to adjust them.

But your brain recognizes it.

When your brain is distracted, you won't reap the full benefits of rehabilitation exercises, so make sure you schedule your workouts when your environment is quieter.

Turn off the TV and tell the family not to disturb you until you're done.

Your mind is hard at work rewiring itself, so let him focus on it - and that's just that. Unnecessary distractions are not welcome in the rehabilitation space in your home.

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